Pixel Whales

Welcome to Pixel Whales NFT Collection, made of 51 unique and animated NFT collectibles.

Whale #00, the logo of this website, is the genesis, the leader of the pod. If you missed it, don’t worry, there are 50 other Whales…

Whale #01

This Whale spots a bitcoin. Someone just sold it out of fear. The Whale doesn’t think for long, speeds up, and adds this BTC to his stash.

Whale #02

This Whale comes to the surface to breathe. The sun shines. She exhales and causes a rainbow.

Whale #03

A Whale living underwater doesn’t mean she can’t smoke! Always be careful with stereotypes.

Whale #04

This Whale wears a mask but does not fight against coronavirus. She fight against the ocean pollution caused by human, and tries to avoid chemical products and every piece of plastic that pollutes where she lives.

Whale #05

This Whale bought a lot of Bitcoin a long time ago. She holds it and there she is, in the space.

Whale #06

Who said that a Whale can’t have style ? Introducing GentleWhale!

Whale #07

ThugWhale. Nothing more to say.

Whale #08

This baby Whale never leaves his mother, even if she moves a bit faster than him… She protects her son and gives him some milk during 7 to 9 months. Don’t forget that whales are mammals!

Whale #09

This Whale aims for the moon. Don’t worry, she has water and oxygen in her astronaut helmet.

Whale #10

Have a closer look at this Whale. Yes, she’s a Bitcoin Whale. She owns so many BTC that she sometimes exhales some Satoshis.

Whale #11

This Whale is smoking a pipe and enjoy the show offered by the current bull market.

Whale #12

This Whale doesn’t listen to music. She wears a hearing protection to protect herself from sonars, a noise pollution caused by humans.

Whale #13

This Whale comes from Earth. She takes a break and catches her breath before joining Mars.

Whale #14

This animal isn’t a Blue Whale but a Humpback Whale, the only one of this collection, characterized by her dark color.

Whale #15

Do you know the CyberKongz NFT collection? Introducing CyberWhale, recognizable by her glasses and the banana peel she has on her head.

Whale #16

Scribblestamps x Pixel Whales (1/1)

Rare collaboration design inspired by SpongeBob.

Whale #17

This Whale is relaxing in the space. Even if there is some pollution here, it’s still better than in oceans.

Whale #18

This Whale left us too early because of poaching. She is now swimming among the clouds.

Whale #19

Introducing propeller Whale, who’s is swimming into the wind!

Whale #20

The last Whale on Earth has disappeared. This one doesn’t swim anymore, you can only see her in a museum.

Whale #21

This Whale aims for the moon but is having a little trouble moving on the right direction.

Whale #22

Jellies x Pixel Whales (2/2)

Rare collaboration design.

Whale #23

This Whale is going straight to the annual Whale party.

Whale #24

This Whale is snorkeling. Thanks to its snorkel, she can stay longer under the surface.

Whale #25

Introducing square Whale. Her sole problem? She’s not very hydrodynamic!

Whale #26

This Whale is approaching the moon. Slowly but surely.

Whale #27

This Whale died after being hit by a boat.

Whale #28

This Whale is rare and difficult to see because she’s transparent.

Whale #29

Introducing laser eyes Whale.

Whale #30

This Whale spots an Ether. Someone just sold it out of fear. The Whale doesn’t think for long, speeds up, and adds this ETH to his stash.

Pixel Whales Price

All 51 Whales will be posted on OpenSea with an increasing price. Each consecutive batch of 5 Whales increase in price, starting at 0.15 ETH.

Edit: prices for each Whale will stop at 0.2 ETH because of the increase of ETH prices.

#00-050.15 ETH
#06-100.175 ETH
#11-150.2 ETH
#16-200.233 ETH
#21-250.20 ETH
#26-300.20 ETH
#31-350.20 ETH
#36-400.20 ETH
#41-450.20 ETH
#46-500.20 ETH

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